Rehab and Sports Medicine Services

A Center of Excellence

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

  • Sports and fitness injury specialization
  • Post-injury and post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Acute, sub-acute, chronic sprains and strains
  • Overuse injuries and pathologies
  • Postural education and body mechanics instruction
  • Biomechanical analysis of running and gait
  • Personalized home programs

Occupational & Hand Therapy

  • Certified hand specialist
  • Custom splinting
  • Post injury and surgical rehab
  • Overuse injuries
  • ADL retraining
  • Upper extremity rehab

Wound Care

  • Certified wound specialists
  • Sharp debridement and irrigation
  • VAC application
  • Compression dressings
  • Patient education

Speech Therapy

  • Swallow studies
  • Cognitive therapy for adult
  • Speech and language therapy for pediatric patients

Sports Massage

  • Licensed massage therapist for athletes with recent sports injuries (cash only service)

Aquatics Therapy

Our new Aquatics Therapy Program features:

  • Two pools with underwater treadmills and video analysis
  • Resistive training devices
  • Assistive training devices