Healthcare Team

During your stay at Ascension Seton Northwest, you will be cared for by a group of highly trained professionals dedicated to managing your care. These caregivers may include the following: physicians, registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), clinical assistants (CA), clinical managers, patient representatives, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, case managers, diagnostic staff, pharmacists and dietitians.

Free Wireless Internet Access

Patients, their families and visitors can now stay connected with life beyond the hospital. Free wireless Internet access is now available throughout the facility. Patients and guests can use personal laptops, PDAs, or other handheld devices to access the Internet via Ascension Seton’s public wireless network. The service is especially beneficial to patients and their families who may need to remain in the hospital for an extended period of time and want a way to keep up with personal or work-related activities.


It is best for patients to leave valuables at home, or send them home with family members. If this option is not available, patients should contact their nurse to arrange for storage of valuables. Ascension Seton Northwest is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Lost and Found

Before you leave, please check your room carefully to make sure you have all of your personal belongings. If you have lost anything, call lost and found in the Security office at (512) 324-6295.


Your physician will notify you and the nursing staff when you are ready for discharge. A case manager and your care team will work with you on discharge planning during your stay. You will receive written discharge information regarding any special care instructions and names of physicians you may need to contact for any following up medical care. Once you have been discharged, please be aware that the hospital needs time to prepare your room for the next patient. A staff member will help prepare you for discharge and take you to the appropriate area for pick up.

Chaplain Services

Chaplains are available for visitation, prayer, counseling, spiritual and emotional support for the patient, family and staff 24 hours a day. For Catholics, Sacramental Services are available upon request. To reach a chaplain on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., call (512) 324-6480. To contact a chaplain at other times, please call the operator and ask for the chaplain on call. The chapel and the office are located on the ground floor. Holy Mass is held in the chapel on weekdays at noon and on Sundays at 3 p.m. There are no services on Saturdays.

Interpreters/TDD Equipment

Interpreters are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ask your nurse about available TDD equipment.

Ethics Consultation

Consultations for ethical problems related to healthcare are available for each patient, their family or legal representative. In general, an ethical problem may exist when the right thing to do is not clear or when people disagree about what is appropriate. For more information, contact your patient representative at (512) 324-6000, ext. 67963, or ask your nurse for help arranging a consultation. If needed, an Ethics Team can work with you or your representative.

Patient Representative

The Patient Representative facilitates the flow of services and promotes communication between patients, families, physicians and hospital staff. Assistance is provided to patient and their families seeking solutions to hospital-related questions, concerns and problems. Questions will be answered, comments and suggestions listened to, and hospital policies and procedures explained. The Patient Representative is happy to assist patients and families with Advance Directive information as well. The Patient Representative can be reached from any hospital telephone by dialing 324-6900 or via the operator.

Smoke-Free Campus

Ascension Seton Northwest is now a smoke free-campus. While smoking is already prohibited within Ascension Seton facilities, the new policy includes any surrounding and adjacent grounds as well as parking areas.