Dell Seton Medical Center: A Hospital Designed Around You!

Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas is setting a new standard for compassionate, personalized health care in Central Texas that will shape the community’s future health experiences.

Our gleaming new teaching hospital operates with state of the art equipment; experts in advanced care for conditions like stroke, brain disorders and serious injury; and – most importantly – teams of caregivers who are all focused on listening to you and helping you live your best life.

Healthcare Team

During your stay at Dell Seton, you will be cared for by a group of highly trained staff dedicated to managing your care. These caregivers may include the following professionals: physicians, registered nurses (RN), licensed practical nurses (LPN), clinical assistants (CA), clinical managers, patient representatives, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, case managers, diagnostic staff, pharmacists and dietitians.


  • Inpatient room video screens that announce your caregiver’s name and role
  • Patient vital signs are transmitted directly to the medical record automatically
  • Nurse stations have direct sightlines to patients in their rooms
  • Beds are fully adjustable to the level of care required, so fewer bed-to-bed moves are needed
  • Instantaneous in-room interpreter services for patients whose first language is not English
  • Housekeeping is on call for amenities like needing an extra blanket
  • Valet parking and an enclosed walkway
  • Express elevators from helipad to trauma bay
  • Dual purpose trauma bays that convert to operating rooms for those times when every second counts
  • Sterilization units are adjacent to surgery for safer, more efficient care
  • Building meets LEED standards


While we planned Dell Seton, we consulted more than 500 people on how to create and run a hospital that would improve a patient’s experience. Included were doctors, nurses, University of Texas at Austin professors, top medical centers across the nation, product design experts and former patients. We built sample patient rooms based on the latest in care, received patient feedback and then improved the features again.

For example, patients told us they wanted more face time with their caregivers. So, we enhanced our ability to anticipate patient needs by creating smarter rooms. Dell Ascension Seton caregivers have direct sightlines into patient rooms so we can be more responsive, and we placed a smart TV in each room to track and show the names and roles of caregivers and staff members who attend to your needs. A GPS-like system tracks items needed for your care, and patient vital signs are transmitted directly into the medical record. These subtle improvements free your care team to give you their full attention.

Larger windows give patients ample natural, healing light as well as views of Austin’s skyline or Waller Creek. Even getting to the hospital is easier: a GPS-based wayfinding app will guide you from your home to the exact Dell Seton department you want to visit. Valet parking on the first floor of the hospital garage is an option, and an enclosed pedestrian walkway over 15th Street bypasses traffic.

We’re committed to not only healing, but also to lessening the stress of a hospital stay.

Patient Meals

Patient meals are served according to each patient’s medical plan assigned by your physician. An Ascension Seton team member can help you with meal selection, if this is needed.

Free Wireless Internet Access

Patients and other guests can use their personal laptops, tablets or other handheld devices to connect to the Ascension Seton Family Access network and easily navigate to their favorite websites or email accounts. To connect to WiFi, select Ascension Seton Family Access in your WiFi settings. Enter your first and last name and email address and click register.


Volunteers, or Unit Clerks, distribute mail to patients. To receive mail, please tell family and friends to include patient name and room number.


Telephones are available in all patient rooms. If you are hearing impaired, special telephone receivers and TDD (Telephone for the Totally Deaf) are available upon request.

You may place local calls by dialing “9” to get an outside line followed by the phone number. Long distance calls must be charged on your telephone credit card or placed collect.


It is best for patients to either not bring valuables to the hospital, or to send home any valuables with family members. If this option is not available, patients should contact their nurse to arrange for storage of valuables. Dell Seton is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Before you leave, please check your room carefully to make sure you have all of your personal belongings. If you have lost anything, call lost and found in the security office. The number is 512-324-7295.


Each room in the hospital is equipped with a television set. If your television is not operating correctly, please ask your nurse for assistance.


Your physician will notify you and the nursing staff when you are ready for discharge. A case manager and your care team will work with you on discharge planning during your stay. You will receive written discharge information regarding any special care instructions and names of physicians you may need to contact for any following up medical care. Once you have been discharged, please be aware that the hospital needs time to prepare your room for the next patient. A staff member will help prepare you for discharge and take you to the appropriate area for pick up.