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Blueprint for Medical Innovation

Blueprint for Medical Innovation


Inside the Clinical Education Center

The Clinical Education Center at Brackenridge, formerly The Children’s Hospital of Austin, is the result of a powerhouse academic collaboration involving Seton Family of Hospitals and area education leaders. The CEC is an innovative approach to address education, training, and the current growing shortage of nurses, physicians, and other skilled clinical personnel in Central Texas.


Interprofessional Training Opportunities

Multiple disciplines utilize the CEC because of its realistic setting for interprofessional education and research.


Transforming Care at the Bedside

The realistic environment provides a contextual learning opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and practice.


Improving Healthcare Interventions

A variety of healthcare professionals and students use the manikins at the CEC to build clinical proficiency and competency.


Teamwork and Crisis Training

The CEC provides crisis management, teamwork, and communication training.


Interprofessional Education Opportunities

Interprofessional education using case events based on patient scenarios and simulation are offered by the CEC.


Healthcare and Research Conferences

Hosting healthcare conferences and events to benefit community education and outreach.


Trauma Simulation

CEC supports training and advancement of Level 1 and Level 2 Central Texas Trauma Centers by utilizing Sim Man® and High Fidelity Simulation Suites.


Obstetrical Stimulation

Noelle® manikins are available for simulating routine and emergency obstetrical clinical simulations at the CEC and throughout the Seton Family of Hospitals.


Advance Life Support (ALS) Simulation

ALS Vital Sim® manikins are available for Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) courses, interprofessional cardiac arrest training, scenario-based skills applications, and High Fidelity simulation.


Safe Patient Handling

The CEC provides space and equipment for Safe Patient Handling training sessions designed to prevent patient and clinician injury.


Pediatric Simulation

The Pediatric Simulation Education programs enhance the ability to meet the demands of the population at Dell Children’s Medical Center, located in one of the fastest growing regions in the country.


Scenario-Based Education and Training

The Clinical Education Center’s realistic hospital environment provides an ideal setting for Scenario-Based Education and Training.