Ascension Clinical Education Center

Computer and A/V Equipment Security Procedure

This document details the security procedures at the Ascension Clinical Education Center for the computer and audio-visual equipment available for use for the purpose of facilitating events at the CEC.

Applicable Computer & A/V Equipment

  • CEC Laptops & Peripherals
  • Presentation Remotes
  • Overhead Projectors (transparencies)
  • Document Cameras
  • Microphone & Speaker (PA System)
  • Audience Response System
  • Flo Carts (Computer on Wheels)
  • Polycom® Conference Phone
  • Miscellaneous Electrical Equipment (i.e. extension cords, power strips, etc.)

Security Process

  • Equipment listed above is available by reservation request through Rendezvous and must be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to your session.
    • If 48 hour notice is not possible, submit the request as soon as possible and ALSO get confirmation via phone or email from one of the CEC Computer Support Coordinators
    • Schedule an in-service prior to your session if needed. CEC Equipment is for use in the CEC only, and may not be signed out for use at other facilities.
  • To properly accept responsibility for and receive any of the equipment listed above; the type of equipment, identification number(s) for the unit(s) received, time and date of receipt, and a legible name and phone number must be recorded on an equipment sign-out sheet.
  • All Equipment must be picked up from the CEC Computer Support Coordinator by the requester unless other arrangements were confirmed in advance.
    • Morning sessions are encouraged to pick up equipment the day before their session.
  • To properly return equipment and transfer responsibility back to the CEC;all equipment must be returned to the CEC Computer Support Coordinator unless other arrangements were confirmed in advance, and the time and date of the return must be recorded on the equipment sign-out sheet and initialed by both parties.
  • Equipment Responsibility is Non-Transferable.  No one may transfer responsibility for any equipment they have signed out from the CEC to anyone except CEC Administration personnel.
  • Any individual who signs out CEC Equipment must agree:
    • That they are responsible for the safe keeping and proper use of the equipment from the time they obtain possession of the equipment until it is properly returned.
    • That they or their department will cover the cost of repair or replacement should equipment not be returned in the same condition in which it was received.
  • Equipment may be signed out overnight or for multiple days in a row, provided that the responsible person secures the equipment in a location with limited access.  Questions about security may be directed to the CEC Computer Support Coordinator.
  • Equipment needed until after business hours will need to be secured and then returned the next business day unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.  (i.e. – Security has been contacted and agreed to return the equipment to the CEC Computer Control Room.)
  • In case of emergency or absence, contact Ande Brophy, the CEC Scheduler 512-324-9999 (extension 80117) to obtain or return equipment.