Pay Your Bill Online

Pay Your University Medical Center Brackenridge Bill.
Pay Your Bill Online

Financial Counseling

Brackenridge Admissions offers Financial Counselor assistance with current medical bills for services received here. Upon confirming eligibility, the Financial Counselor may refer you to various assistance programs/agencies in efforts to assist in meeting your needs. Financial Counselors are also here to assist you with internal assistance programs for those who qualify. For any questions about our Financial Counselors, contact (512) 324-7167.

IPP – Initial Payment Program

IPP is a program for patients without insurance who are having outpatient procedures. Eligibility is based on financial need. More information may be obtained by speaking with a financial counselor at (512) 324-7167.


University Medical Center at Brackenridge accepts insurance plans. All copays, co-insurances are due at the time of service. Out of Network services: For services where Brackenridge is as an out of network provider, admissions may provide you with a list of other facilities that are in the network per your insurance. If a procedure is to be done here at Brackenridge and has been identified that Brackenridge is out of network, payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, check, travelers check, and all major credit cards for payments.

Help Applying for Medicaid

If you have been a patient at a Seton Hospital within the last 90 days and would like to apply for Medicaid, Cardon Outreach can assist you. Cardon Outreach is a vendor that assists patients in applying for Medicaid in order to get medical bills covered. For more information about Medicaid eligibility and the application process, please call (512) 324-7149.