Breast Health

Breast HealthAt Ascension Seton Williamson and Ascension Seton Northwest Hospital, we believe that getting regularly scheduled screening mammograms is key in helping women receive early treatment for breast cancer, and dramatically improving survivorship.

Our Women’s Imaging Center offers a variety of diagnostic testing on a self-referral and even a walk-in basis. We even allow you to schedule screening mammograms online in five convenient Central Texas locations.

Our services include:

State of the Art Digital Mammograms

Combining compression and x-rays to image your breast, but instead of capturing the image on film as with traditional mammography, the image is retained as a digital image file.

Stereotactic Biopsy

2-dimensional digital images of your breast are taken from two different angles and analyzed by a computer. The computer compares the data from each image and calculates the location of a suspicious area in 3 dimensions. This area can then be biopsied by your surgeon with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Breast Sonography

Without using compression, ultrasound aids in distinguishing a fluid-filled cyst from a dense mass such as a tumor. Ultrasound can also be used to make a measurement of a breast tumor which is an important component in determining your surgical and medical treatment options.

If you are 20-39, and notice any breast tissue change, call your doctor right away.
If you are 40 or older, call and schedule your yearly mammogram: 512-324-1199

Other services offered:

Bone Densitometry

A bone density scan that uses a low amount of radiation to measure your bone mineral density (BMD) and predict the chance of future fracture.

Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department is proud to offer comprehensive rehab services for women recovering from breast cancer.

Our therapists provide a continuum of services, designed and individualized to meet the rehab needs of our patients as they transition from cancer treatment through recovery. Our staff is dedicated to the vision that our patients should not only survive breast cancer but they should flourish and actively participate in the rest of their lives! Services include lymph edema and scar tissue management, shoulder dysfunction treatment, wound care, as well as addressing the fatigue that can occur when battling cancer. Our interventions are designed to address each woman’s specific therapy and functional needs and to see her through the healing process.

For more information, call 324-4804