How a Seton Nurse Saved More Than One Life Before Starting Her Shift

car damaged from accidentEvery day in healthcare we help others in amazing ways. But occasionally a story emerges that touches our heartstrings and we can’t help but recognize the heroic actions of one of our co-workers.

Last month, at one of the Seton Northwest Hospital (SNW) daily brief meetings, it was discovered that a patient that had come into the emergency department was admitted thanks to Allison Jones, a nurse in the PACU who started CPR in the field.

How Allison Saved More Than One Life

Allison was driving to work when she saw a car swerve into her lane on Braker and Seton Parkway. She started honking her horn and then witnessed the other car drive into the bushes. The driver never hit the brakes. Allison stopped and ran to the scene of the accident. There were approximately 15 men nearby, working out outside. The car doors were locked, so the men helped Allison to break the back window and unlock the doors.

Allison JonesAllison assessed that the lady was breathing, but then saw her turn blue. Allison asked the men to take the lady out of the car and they placed her on one of their yoga mats, because there was glass all over the ground. Allison started CPR and showed one of the men how to do compressions (where to place his hands and push down). The lady started breathing again, then went agonal and Allison and the other person started CPR again until EMS arrived.

She explained to EMS what had happened and the men came up to hug her and thank her. They said that if she hadn’t honked her horn, they would not have looked up and would have been run over. When Allison looked to see where the car had stopped amongst all the shrubs, there were debris of mats and their belongings that had been run over by the car. She saved not one life but about 16.