Humancare Comes to the Rescue During a Heart Attack

emergency medical teamAt Seton, our team members are always on the lookout for chances to serve those in need.

We honor team members like Joseph Lombardo with the Humancare Award, to commemorate care that goes above and beyond what’s expected and makes a critical difference in someone’s life.

Troubling Symptoms

A patient was experiencing the troubling signs of a possible heart attack. He called his girlfriend to say he was going to drive over to Seton Northwest Hospital for immediate care. Although she urged him to take an ambulance, he insisted on driving himself the two miles over to the hospital. Worried sick for her boyfriend, she put a call in to Joseph Lombardo.

Ready with Open Arms

The two men had never met each other, but the man’s girlfriend offered Joseph a description. Joseph hurried down to the ER entrance to greet the man, shepherding him to safety to get the care he needed. By the time the patient had arrived, he was in excruciating pain. Just knowing that someone knew he was coming and was ready to escort him to the ER was a great comfort.

The man was eventually transferred to Seton Medical Center in Austin for balloon angioplasty and a stent placement, went on to recover peacefully at home. It’s hard to know where he’d be without the prompt, person-centered care that Joseph Lombardo offered without hesitation. In a word, that’s Humancare, and that’s why we’re proud to call Joseph Lombardo a member of the Seton Healthcare Family.