Sometimes, Humancare Means Just Being There

nurse bringing flowers to patientNursing is not a glamorous profession. The hours are long and the work can be both physically and emotionally demanding. The men and women drawn to the vocation offer the utmost of themselves each day, and the DAISY Award® is a way to honor nurses who demonstrate clinical skill and compassion that exceeds expectations.

A Devastating Diagnosis

Ana Laura Gonzalez was on duty when a family at University Medical Center Brackenridge received news that their husband and father had a brain tumor. They had little time to act. Without surgery, he’d be lucky to live a month. An operation would offer him a chance to live at least a year, but hopefully longer. The family opted for surgery. As they left the hospital, Ana Laura went out of her way to tell them how much she loved meeting them.

Unexpected Kindness

The operation was scheduled for the following day. It was Ana Laura’s day off. She showed up anyway, surprising the family after the successful surgery, offering hugs and a homemade card.

“I just want my patients to get well,” Ana Laura said. Ana Laura does everything she can to make that happen, offering Humancare every chance she gets.

Sometimes, what matters most is just showing up to share kindness when people need it most. At Seton, compassionate, person-centered care is the foundation of who we are. Team members like Ana Laura help remind us why we love what we do.