Humancare Is for Little Humans, Too

children's drawing of Dell Children'sA trip to the emergency department can be stressful, no matter how old you are. But for children, it can be particularly scary.

There’s so much about the world they’re still figuring out. Add an injury or sudden illness and an unfamiliar place into the mix, and the fear factor can overwhelm.

Not too long ago, a young emergency room patient at Dell Children’s Medical Center was struggling with just that situation. He was understandably frightened. But the emergency department members rallied around him to calm his fears and help him feel safe.

“Thank You for Helping Me”

Soothing fears and tending to the sick is just a small part of what our Seton Healthcare Family does, day in and day out. So it was a welcome and heartwarming surprise when the patient’s father shared drawings the boy had done to thank those who had taken such good care of him.

He drew two pictures of the hospital, one with hearts all over the front of the building. His handwritten message said, “Dell Children’s Hospital, thank you for helping me. See you soon.”

In our line of work, it’s not often that we receive hand-drawn thank you cards. But knowing that Seton’s caring members were able to help a little boy feel secure and at peace, and seeing that he was inspired to express his gratitude, is a shining example of Humancare.