Humancare Goes on a Vision Quest

eye doctor holding out glassesHumancare Awards are a way for Seton Healthcare Family to recognize the exceptional devotion of our team members. We honor people like Brittany Gibson, LMSW, whose compassion for a patient in need exemplifies our mission of person-centered care.

A Patient in Distress

A patient had been without his glasses for nearly a month when he was transferred to Seton social worker Brittany Gibson’s floor. He lost his glasses before he was admitted to the hospital, and was distressed because he couldn’t see without them.

It’s hard to be in the hospital for a long stay. We want people who are spending time in our care to feel as comfortable as possible. Brittany Gibson recognized that she could help make her patient feel much more at ease if she could get him eyewear.

Clear Eyes & Full Hearts

Brittany tracked down an old prescription of his, but faced an uphill battle when she began calling around for a place that would make a new pair of glasses. Most of them refused to do it without seeing the patient in person, but the man was confined to his hospital bed. Undaunted, Brittany continued her quest and finally found a place that agreed to fill the prescription and make the man some new glasses.