Humancare Helps Relieve Cabin Fever

teen in hospital bed with stuffed animal

When members of the Seton Healthcare Family go the extra mile, we celebrate them with a Humancare Award. We’re proud to share this honor with Erica Ferguson, a nurse on the Orthopedic Trauma unit, for making a special effort to tend to a patient in need.

Feeling Cooped Up

A long hospital stay can be a trying experience. Despite the medical team’s excellent care, it’s just not easy to be away from loved ones or the comforts of home, especially when you have mobility challenges. A patient in the UMC Brackenridge Orthopedic Trauma unit had been with Seton for several months, and was starting to feel serious cabin fever.

A Simple Gesture Can Mean So Much

After tending to all the other patients in her care, Nurse Erica recognized that this particular patient really needed something to lift his spirits. She helped the man out into the hall, where together they played “Pokémon Go” throughout the public spaces.

Erica provides consistent quality care to all of her patients. In this case, her sensitivity and ingenuity led her to help boost the mood of a man whose spirit was flagging. Erica’s thoughtful actions embody Humancare, and drive home the point that at Seton Healthcare Family, we’re devoted to caring for the whole person: body, mind and spirit.