A Home Away from Home with Humancare

family checking into hotelAt Seton Healthcare Family, offering high-quality, compassionate care to those who need it extends beyond the boundaries of our buildings. Our Humancare mission means focusing on our patients as well as their loved ones.

We understand that family and friends play a vital role in supporting those who come to Dell Children’s Medical Center, and we honor the caregivers for their devotion. Part of the power of Humancare is that it inspires others to also share the love, as is the case with the Marriott Residence® Inn in Austin.

Compassion Is Contagious

For the families of children in need of long-term medical care at Dell Children’s, the Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home, offering parents the opportunity to remain close by their kids. However, when children have shorter stays at Dell Children’s, many families end up sleeping in their cars  to avoid hotel expenses.

The Marriott Residence® Inn on East 51st Street in Austin stepped up to fill the gap, providing Humancare in its very own way. In November, Marriott opened a suite dedicated to families of Dell Children’s patients. Family members can stay at the hotel for up to three nights.

Paying It Forward

Marriott designated their home away from home as “The Dr. Coburn Allen Suite” in honor of Coburn Allen, MD, a Dell Children’s pediatric infectious disease specialist. Allen founded Dell Children’s Global Health Outreach Program, and Marriott was inspired by his ongoing commitment to making health care and education accessible to the underserved – a key part of Humancare.

“The heart of this is to take care of people who are really confused, hurting, overwhelmed, and need a place to get some rest and get some food, to really recover so they can take care of their own kids,” Allen said.