Our Littlest Staff Member


The littlest staff member of the trauma team at University Medical Center Brackenridge has pawed his way into the hearts of his colleagues.

“Jack of All Trauma” is a 12-pound miniature poodle and the first documented therapy dog that is focused on helping hospital staff instead of patients. Although he’s been known to lend his services to patients, Jack’s main job duty is to reduce stress for nurses, doctors and other staff who deal with some of the toughest cases at the hospital.

“The physicians, everybody smiles when they see him. Sometimes, we see so much around here, it’s hard to smile at times,” said Tina Stocker, an Emergency Room Nurse at UMC Brackenridge.

“I had a pretty bad patient [recently]. And I got to pet Jack afterward and it kind of brings your heart rate down, makes you feel a little bit better, but he’s just so sweet,” said nurse Rebecca Vinyard.

According to our detailed research, 92 percent of the hospital staff say that just seeing Jack walking down the hall can make their entire shift better. The other 8 percent? Call them cat people, we guess! Either way, this comforting canine takes great care of his colleagues and helps them deliver Humancare to all their patients, even during the toughest times.

Watch a video all about Jack on Fox 7 News