Humancare Stories

A Doctor and His Team Take Humancare Global

Humancare is one of the guiding principles at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. Our team members understand that bringing care and compassion to those in need may mean reaching across the Earth to care for others. That makes what Ric Bonnell, MD, does with his team so inspiring. Read More

Humancare Thrives Thanks to Everyday Heroes

When an unforeseen event requires us to make a split-second decision, a mundane moment can suddenly change into a life or death situation. How we respond during these moments truly tests our mettle. Cole Chapman, a clinical assistant at the Seton Medical Center Williamson emergency department, was driving on… Read More

Humancare Brings Hearing and Hope to a Family

In May 2014, Joel and Rosie Mota made a very special trip to China. They went to adopt Jeffrey, a little boy with special needs. Jeffrey had been living in an orphanage ever since he was abandoned at a bus station in 2008. The 6-year-old boy couldn’t hear or speak,… Read More

Humancare Brings Healing to Angel

Angel was a teen with his future clearly mapped out down to the very last detail. He wanted to become a marine, and knew the exact date he planned to join. Cheerful and full of life, his No. 1 goal was to make a positive difference in the world. But… Read More

Humancare Custom Tailors Clothes for All Needs

Every day, the doctors at Seton Healthcare Family serve the diverse medical concerns of Central Texans, but their compassion goes beyond the four walls of our hospitals and clinics. When a Seton team member identifies a need, often they use ingenuity and dedication to find a solution. In the case… Read More

SWAT Team Special Mission: Humancare

At Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, we know that kindness and compassion are essential to the healing process. That’s why we do everything we can to deliver Humancare, and to encourage the community to providing Humancare as well. And there’s no better example than the recent visit the… Read More

Humancare Comes to the Rescue During a Heart Attack

At Seton, our team members are always on the lookout for chances to serve those in need. We honor team members like Joseph Lombardo with the Humancare Award, to commemorate care that goes above and beyond what’s expected and makes a critical difference in someone’s life. Troubling Symptoms A patient… Read More

Sometimes, Humancare Means Just Being There

Nursing is not a glamorous profession. The hours are long and the work can be both physically and emotionally demanding. The men and women drawn to the vocation offer the utmost of themselves each day, and the DAISY Award® is a way to honor nurses who demonstrate clinical skill… Read More

Humancare Is for Little Humans, Too

A trip to the emergency department can be stressful, no matter how old you are. But for children, it can be particularly scary. There’s so much about the world they’re still figuring out. Add an injury or sudden illness and an unfamiliar place into the mix, and the fear factor… Read More

Humancare Goes on a Vision Quest

Humancare Awards are a way for Seton Healthcare Family to recognize the exceptional devotion of our team members. We honor people like Brittany Gibson, LMSW, whose compassion for a patient in need exemplifies our mission of person-centered care. A Patient in Distress A patient had been without his glasses for… Read More