Cardiac Rehab FAQs

Cardiac rehabilitation is designed to help patients with heart disease recover faster and return to full and productive lives. It encompasses a regimen of exercise, education and counseling. Cardiac rehabilitation facilitates recovery to the best level possible and a decreased risk of future heart events.

The benefits of cardiac rehab can include:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved endurance
  • Renewed confidence
  • Reduced risk of further heart problems
  • Reduced stress
  • Quicker recovery

Rehabilitation is an essential part of the person-centered care we provide for each and every person we serve. By treating you as a unique human being, we can understand all of your health needs and deliver the best care possible.

Many people have questions about what cardiac rehabilitation entails. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below. If you need more information, please contact any of the Ascension Seton facilities offering cardiac rehabilitation.

What will I do at rehab?

Each exercise session will include an aerobic exercise component such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers and rowing machines. Muscular fitness will also be addressed using a variety of resistance training equipment. Each individual will be prescribed his or her own exercise routine.

How often will I come to rehab?

The first session, typically on a Tuesday or Thursday will be your initial evaluation, which includes reviewing your medical history, current medications, and an explanation of what to expect in the program.  During this time we will also assess your current exercise capacity and from that we will prescribe a daily exercise regimen to follow.  We will show you how to get yourself set up with heart monitors and how to use the equipment you were prescribed for your exercise. This is really a one on one session so you will feel comfortable and know what to expect before you join your specific group class.

Your second visit will consist of your first full monitored exercise session during your specific group class.  Group exercise classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where you will be closely monitored during exercise. Each monitored exercise session will last up to 60 minutes, and because you are in these sessions weekly it is a great way to meet others with similar heart conditions and experiences.

Typical length of ones cardiac rehab program is 3 months or 12 weeks with one coming 3 times per.

What times are monitored exercise sessions available?

Schedules can be found on the “Locations and Schedules” page of this site.

How long does each session last?

Each session lasts up to 60 minutes.

What do I bring to my first session?

Your first visit will be your initial evaluation. Please bring a list of current medications and any advanced healthcare directives (i.e. Medical power of attorney, Living will). It is recommended that you wear walking/athletic shoes to your evaluation.

What do I wear to my exercise sessions?

There is no particular dress code that is required, but participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and walking/athletic shoes.

How will I know if my health plan will cover cardiac rehab?

Call your insurance provider to see if they cover outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs. Most companies will cover cardiac rehabilitation for a variety of heart conditions. If you are unsure, you can always call the cardiac rehab office and we can check for you.

What education classes are offered and when?

Ascension Seton’s Cardiac Rehab program offers several classes to help you on your path to wellness. Class schedules vary by site and topics include:

  • Cardiac
    • Cardiac Medications
    • Cholesterol and Your Heart
    • Heart Disease 101
  • Diet/Nutrition
    • 1:1 Dietary Consultation (with a registered dietician)
  • Exercise
    • Exercise and Diabetes
    • Exercising Safely at Home
  • Stress Management
  • Other
    • Psychosocial Changes with Heart Disease
    • Smoking Cessation

Where can I park?

Free parking is available at Ascension Seton Hays, Ascension Seton Williamson, Ascension Seton Southwest and Ascension Seton Highland Lakes. Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin offers parking with free validation for up to 60 minutes.