Cardiac MRI

cardiac-mri-promo-2Cardiac MRI is a revolutionary, non-invasive imaging test that uses radio waves, magnetic fields and sophisticated computer software to create a highly accurate, complete assessment of your heart. There are numerous advantages of this imaging modality compared to other cardiac imaging tests, but the most important is that cardiac MRI does not use ionizing radiation to create its images, thereby allowing for a safer patient experience.

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Cardiac MRI obtains images of the heart, while at the same time visualizing the surrounding vascular structures and blood flow. This allows an assessment of how all of these structures interact with each other, all in one single test. According to Dr. Kamran Shaikh, Director of Cardiovascular MRI for the Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals, Cardiac MRI can be applied and used in literally all aspects of cardiovascular disease, a claim no other imaging test can make.

SHI_MRI_Dr_Shaikh_2014_mg_5765_FinalSeton Heart Institute is leading the way for advanced cardiovascular imaging and is the only place where Cardiac MRI is offered in Austin, and most of Central Texas. In addition to adult patients, Cardiac MRI is available for pediatric patients with congenital heart conditions at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. The imaging department uses advanced image equipment from Siemens Medical Imaging Systems, with both 1.5 tesla Aera and 3.0 tesla Skyra scanners.