The Heart Attack Symptoms That Can Be Unique to Women


emergency medical technicians running with gurneyWhile chest pain is one of the most common indicators of a heart attack, it isn’t the only warning sign to look for, especially if you’re a woman. Here are four lesser-known heart attack symptoms that can be unique to women.

1. Pain in Your Jaw or Back

Most men and women know to look for chest pain that radiates down the left arm in the event of a heart attack. For women, however, pain in the back or jaw can also be a sign of a heart attack. This pain can come on gradually or all of a sudden, but if it persists or becomes more severe, seek medical attention.

2. Abdominal Pressure

Women may mistake some heart attack symptoms for other common ailments, like stomach cramps, the flu or heartburn.

Stomach pain or intense abdominal pressure that feels like a heavy weight was placed on your stomach can also be a sign of a heart attack.

3. Excessive Sweating

Women who are having a heart attack might notice that they’re suddenly sweating excessively, even if they haven’t performed any strenuous activities. This symptom can feel like a cold, clammy nervous sweat, but if this is uncommon for you, consult a women’s heart specialist.

4. Fatigue

While it can be normal to feel tired or worn out after a long day, it’s another thing if you suddenly feel too winded or out of breath to walk up the stairs, go to the bathroom or perform other normal activities. You might also begin to feel extremely tired, even while sitting or lying down.