How the Ornish Program Can Help Reverse Heart Disease


Mature Women ExercisingHeart health is an extremely important topic for all of us, particularly as we age. Heart disease is the cause of many deaths and health problems in people, so living a lifestyle that minimizes its risk is something that everyone should practice.

The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ program was designed to address this issue. Rather than focus on medication, however, the program focuses on how you live your life. It focuses on four areas in our lives that are important to our heart health: the foods you eat, your response to stress, how active you are and how much social support you have.

Does It Work?

The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ program was developed by Dr. Dean Ornish over the past 40 years. It’s based on a type of treatment called lifestyle medicine. That is, medical treatment for your heart that focuses on how you live your life, not simply on treating your heart condition.

Quitting bad habits such as smoking, getting regular exercise, learning stress management techniques and eating plant-based foods low in protein and fat are the cornerstones of the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ program.

This holistic approach to treating your heart condition promotes a healthy lifestyle that improves your heart health along with your overall well-being.

Who Can Benefit From Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ Program?

The truth is that anyone can benefit from following this program. The healthy lifestyle it promotes can reduce your chances for developing heart disease. However, if you are at high risk for heart or blood pressure problems, then the program is especially helpful.

Following the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ program can help reverse some of the damage already done to your heart, so people with existing heart conditions find great benefit from it. It’s effectiveness at helping your reverse heart disease has caused it to be covered by Medicare and many private health insurance plans.