Heart Health News Roundup


smiling mature coupleHeart disease affects millions of men and women each year, although it can be prevented by taking an active role in improving your heart health and working with your doctor to address any potential concerns.

Take a look at some of the latest news stories highlighting the many ways in which the team of cardiologists at Ascension Seton in Austin, Texas has had a positive impact on the lives of men and women in Central Texas.

Dr. Giesler on KXAN: Women and Heart Month

For Hearth Month this past February, Dr. Caitlin Giesler, medical director of the Women’s Heart Center at Ascension Seton, spoke with KXAN’s Gigi Barnett about the heart disease risks that women face. Women can help to reduce these risks by working with their doctor to schedule regular preventative screenings and establish healthy diet and exercise habits early on to enjoy excellent heart health for years to come.

Austin Mom of Four Receives Life-Saving Heart Transplant

On Christmas Eve, 2015, the same day that she welcomed home her fourth baby, new mother Kristen Patton suffered a serious heart attack. After being rushed to the hospital, doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then, Kristen experienced a second heart attack within days of the first. Dr. Mary Beth Cishek, a heart failure and transplant cardiologist at Ascension Seton Medical Center, diagnosed the condition as spontaneous cardiac artery dissection (SCAD), which would mean Kristen needed a new heart. After fighting for several months, Kristen received news on her birthday that a heart was ready. Today, Kristen is a happy, healthy mother soaking up life with her four children. Kristen is now on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of getting routine heart screenings.

Hays Man Survives 4 Heart Attacks; Completes ½ Marathon

After having suffered three heart attacks within a one-year span back in 2002, Kyle resident Tom Shelton experienced a fourth cardiac episode as he walked into the emergency room of Ascension Seton Hays on Valentine’s Day, 2016. There, cardiologist Dr. Vamsi Krishna placed stents to restore blood flow to Tom’s heart. Following the operation, Dr. Vamsi stressed the importance of making heart-healthy dietary changes, getting regular exercise and participating in the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program. Not only did Tom follow his doctor’s orders, but, nearly a year later in January 2017, he completed his first half-marathon, running just over 13 miles. There’s no end in sight for Tom’s heart-healthy future, as he plans to complete a full marathon in the future.

Being Proactive About Your Heart Health

While some rare conditions such as SCAD aren’t controllable, most heart problems are highly preventable. With the right diet, exercise routine and lifestyle habits combined with preventative screenings, you can have a significant impact on not only your heart’s condition but also your overall health, wellness and quality of life.