Could a Smartphone App Improve Your Heart Health?


woman sending text messageWe’re living in the technological age, where there’s an app for everything. And now, a promising development from the tech world may benefit people who want to improve their heart health and prevent against hypertension, among other cardiovascular conditions.

Several different apps can be used to support a healthy, heart-friendly lifestyle.


How to Use Your App

Simply having a heart health app isn’t enough to make a positive difference in your wellbeing. After all, it’s not the app that’s going to walk a certain number of steps each day or prepare a nutritious meal. The app is a tool that you can use to understand your own behavior, make any necessary changes and learn how to care for your heart health through lifestyle practices.

What a Heart Health App Can’t Do

Beware of any app that promises to test your blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol levels. No smartphone or computer program can do that. Only a medical professional has the training to check your vitals, and only a medical professional can explain what your vital signs mean in terms of your overall health.

Heart health apps represent an opportunity for people to become more aware of how their daily behaviors can shape their overall wellbeing.

What to Look for in a Heart Health App

You want an app that can help you monitor and adjust your behavior as it relates to your heart health. There are apps that offer tips on proper nutrition, exercise and weight loss, so you can identify which foods you should eat in moderation and which foods can help boost your heart health. A number of smartphone interventions can track your activity levels and send encouragement or reminders through text messages or emails, which can help you stick to a schedule that includes regular exercise.