400th Heart Transplant


older woman exercising in gymAmber Martin is no stranger to heart troubles. The 29-year-old military wife and mother of two had her first heart surgery when she was only 4 years old.

Martin was born with congenital cardiomyopathy, a condition that has required ongoing cardiac care and repair throughout her life.

But this year, doctors told Martin her heart was failing. She was placed on the donor list to receive a new heart and was informed she’d probably be waiting for eight to 10 months before a match came through.

Time for a New Heart

However, just three weeks later, a heart became available to Martin. The heart transplant surgery was a success, and marked a milestone both in her life as well as marking one for Seton.

Martin’s life-saving surgery was the 400th heart transplant done by surgeons at Ascension Seton Heart Specialty Care and Transplant Center, helping to cement Seton’s reputation for excellence in advanced heart care.

“To have this opportunity to give me that extra time with my family, it’s kind of like being reborn, giving me that second chance at life, it’s amazing,” said Martin.

Pay It Forward

With each passing day, Martin grows stronger. And she’s already thinking about how she can someday give the gift of life to a person in need. She hopes that her story will inspire others to consider registering to become an organ donor.

“Being the 400th patient, I couldn’t have done that without donors,” said Martin. “I’m so grateful for my donor and their family.”