4 Strange Signs Your Heart May Be in Trouble


Older Woman on BeachMany people are familiar with the well-known symptoms of heart disease. Chest pain is a universal signal that there may a be a problem. In addition to feeling pressure in the chest, heart disease signs for women may present as shortness of breath or fatigue.

But there are also a number of unusual indicators that could point to heart trouble.


1. When Bad Breath Is More Than Just Unpleasant

For people with gum disease, bacteria on the gums can cause bad breath. But unpleasant odor is the least of their problems. Research has uncovered a link between periodontitis, a type of gum disease, and heart problems. Infected gums spread bacteria to other areas of the body, triggering inflammation which can damage the blood vessels and heart.

2. How Lightheadedness Could Be a Heart Disease Sign

Many people get dizzy from time to time, especially from standing up quickly. However, when this lightheadedness persists for more than a few minutes, it could indicate a form of low blood pressure, known as orthostatic hypotension, which has been linked with heart failure.

People prone to dizzy spells should get checked out by a doctor.

3. Measuring Your Ring Finger Against Heart Disease Risk

Researchers at the University of Liverpool in the UK found that men whose ring fingers are the same size as their index finger are at heightened risk for heart disease. If your finger doesn’t measure up, keep a close watch on your heart.

4. Why Teen Acne Is a Good Thing

If you cruised through your teenage years without much of a blemish, your clear-skinned adolescence may have come at a cost. Higher testosterone is associated with acne breakouts, yet these same hormone levels are believed to play a role in protecting against heart disease later in life.