3 Tips for a Healthy Recovery after a Heart Attack


shutterstock_330387398Many people recover from heart attacks and return to their normal routine within a few weeks to a few months. Making some adjustments to your lifestyle and following certain steps can ensure a healthy recovery after a heart attack.

1. Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Based on the degree of damage to your heart and what type and degree of heart disease you have, your doctor will recommend medications and possible lifestyle changes to aid in your recovery and long-term heart health. It’s important that you follow your doctor’s recommendations to achieve the best recovery possible.

2. Ease Back into Your Normal Routine

After a heart attack, it’s important to take your time and ease back into your normal routine. Your doctor will recommend an appropriate timeframe to return to your regular activities based on the severity of your heart attack.

Give yourself time to adjust to the lifestyle changes your doctor recommends and don’t rush yourself when it comes to doing the things you did before your heart attack.

3. Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Your doctor will recommend lifestyle changes to aid in your healthy recovery after a heart attack. There are many ways to keep your heart strong and healthy, and reduce your risk of having another heart attack in the future.

Some possible lifestyle changes may be:

  • Increasing your physical activity to help reduce stress and depression.
  • Quitting smoking, which can reduce risk factors for heart disease.
  • Following the Ornish lifestyle to improve overall health and reduce stress.

Healthy recovery after a heart attack is very possible. Talk to your doctor and follow the guidelines he or she recommends to give yourself the best possible outcome.