Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Health: Are They Connected?


The human body is an 155472626amazing vessel. Our organs and bodily systems work together in incredible ways to allow us to perform activities every day. While all of our systems are constantly working in unison, two areas that aren’t usually connected may be related when assessing your heart disease risk.

These systems include the heart and the sexual organs of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Heart Health Study

A study published in PLOS Medicine found a possible connection between erectile dysfunction in men and a wide range of heart problems. Researchers studied the relationship between heart health and sexual function. They found that a much higher percentage (60 percent) of men with ED needed treatments for heart disease compared to those without it. This may show a possible connection between the causes of erectile dysfunction and incidences of heart disease.

Heart Disease and Sexual Health

While the study cannot yet draw any conclusions, it adds to a growing amount of research that points to a potential connection between ED and heart health. Both conditions involve disrupted blood flow in the tiny arteries of the body. These vessels are often the first to be damaged by plaque buildup and artery disease. This similarity is evidence that both the sexual function of men and the health of their heart may be affected similarly by heart disease.

Doctors have found that heart disease will sometimes manifest as ED in some men before the heart symptoms become severe. This gives doctors an opportunity to screen for possible heart issues in men already suffering from ED. While there’s still a long way to go before definitive conclusions can be made, the research is a step in the right direction for more preventative care and better overall health outcomes.