5 Ways You’re Hurting Your Heart Without Realizing It


The heart is a delicate organ that iStock_000008406211Largeresponds strongly to any stimulus that we put in our body. Even when we think we’re making all the right choices for a healthy lifestyle, we may actually be putting strain on our hearts without realizing it.

1. Too Much Sitting

We all know that physical activity is good for our hearts, but too much sitting during the day may be more harmful than you realize. This is particularly true for those who work sedentary desk jobs. Any exercise you can squeeze into your routine can greatly help the health of your heart.

2 Skipping Medical Appointments

It’s a common occurrence for people to only go to the doctor when they’re sick, but don’t neglect your regular appointments. Some heart conditions can appear over time with few symptoms. Keeping annual check-ups with your doctor will make sure that you’re aware of any problems that might pop up.

3. Imbalanced Diet

Even if you think you’re making “good” dietary choices, variety and balance are key. Don’t eat the same things every day, even if they’re healthy options. The most heart-smart diets will contain a balance of nutrients, vitamins and food choices.

4. Excess Abdominal Fat

Extra fat around the midsection is a known contributor to heart disease. To some degree, where fat is stored on your body is based on your genetics, but if you notice that you’re carrying a little too much around your abdomen, you may be putting yourself at greater risk of heart trouble.

5. Too Much Stress

They say stress is a silent killer. Too much stress can throw off your hormone balance, heart rate and mental health. To keep your heart in good condition, find ways to relax every now and then, and don’t let the stress get to you.