What Defines Quality Nursing after Heart Surgery?


NursesNursing is an essential part of the healthcare field. To be a good nurse means having many different skills. While many people place an emphasis on finding the best heart doctor or surgeon, the nursing team can be just as important for your health.

Nursing Requirements

Nurses deliver most of the patient care during hospital stays. Because nurses are in charge of patients’ needs, they must have a lot of different talents and kinds of training. This makes it hard to find high quality nurses who work hard and also listen well to patients. Aside from getting the needed certifications and training to become a nurse, the best cardiac care nurses have intricate knowledge of the heart and are able to deliver excellent patient care.

Relationship-Based Care

A growing trend in the nursing field is to pay attention to improving relationships between the staff and their patients. This idea depends on the flexibility of the caregiver to creatively engage with each patient on a personal, human level. Ascension Seton’s cardiac care nursing staff places great importance on the value of the relationship-based care model, which was first implemented in our hospitals in 2011.

The shift toward relationship-based care also means trusting nurses with more responsibility. With increased freedom to make immediate decisions about patient care, our cardiac care nurses are in an excellent position to identify potential issues sooner and provide a complete continuum of care to patients. By taking a more full-circle approach to cardiac care, our nurses, along with our doctors and support staff members, are working to deliver better outcomes for heart patients and to support greater heart health in the entire community.