How Much Exercise Should You Do for a Healthy Heart?


Young women doing Pilates exercises.The word ‘exercise’ can be scary for many people, even if most of us know that staying active is important for our health. While you should probably be getting more exercise than you are right now, how much is enough?

Exercise Recommendations

The Surgeon General and the American Heart Association (AHA) say that adults should get 150 minutes of medium to strong physical activity per week, or 75 minutes of very strong activity. This can seem like a lot for those people who aren’t already working out, but you should know some things about those numbers.

The government and AHA recommendations are based on many research studies over many years. From this research, they determined what amount of activity provided the most benefit for the prevention of heart disease. But of course, each individual will have his or her own unique needs, and even if you can’t meet the entire recommended amount, you can still see benefits by staying as active as possible. In part, the recommendations are there to make adults realize how important regular physical activity really is.

Benefits of Exercise

While there are guidelines for how much exercise you should do, remember that your heart is a muscle much like any other in your body. Regular exercise can keep it in shape, but don’t overdo it. Some people who resolve to improve their heart health focus on trying to get as many hours of exercise as they can, which easily leads to burning out.

Building up your exercise levels is important if you want to achieve certain goals, but for most people, just getting out there and moving more is enough to improve your health. Finding exercises you enjoy is more important than only focusing on numbers. This will make it easier to stick to your exercise routine in the long run, which will improve your chances of preventing heart disease.