Top 5 Myths about Heart Attacks


mature coupleThe heart attack is a widely known yet equally widely misunderstood cardiac event. There are many myths surrounding the causes of this condition. Here are some of the most common myths:

1. Heart Attacks Are Only for the Elderly

While heart attacks are most commonly caused by years of cardiovascular stress on top of an aging organ system, people of all ages can have heart attacks. Don’t ignore the risks because you think you’re too young. Instead, take steps now to improve your lifestyle, and help prevent further risks down the road.

2. Heart Attacks Are Obvious

While we’re inclined to believe that the symptoms of a heart attack will be dramatic, this isn’t always the case.

Many heart attack symptoms are “silent.” These silent heart attack symptoms in women are twice as likely to occur as they are in men, which makes it even more important to be aware of all possible signs of a heart attack.

3. You Can’t Beat Genetics

A genetic component is definitely a risk factor for heart attacks, but lifestyle factors can also have a major impact on your amount of risk. These can include:

  • Dietary choices
  • Exercise levels
  • Smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Managing these factors will help keep your lifestyle based risk factors in control.

4. You Should Avoid Exercise

Studies have proven that heart attack patients who begin supervised regimens of mild exercise have had better recovery results over time than those who take it easier. However, all activity should be properly supervised by a health professional.

5. Diabetes Medication Will Prevent Heart Attacks

Your diabetes medication is designed to help manage your diabetes, not heart attacks. While keeping your diabetes under good control will decrease your heart attack risk, many of the risk factors of diabetes are also risk factors for cardiovascular disease.