Ascension Seton Nurse Saves Man Who Had Cardiac Arrest at Spin Class


Wally-smAfter suffering cardiac arrest during a spin class, Wally Scott was saved by his classmate, Janice Meredith, a Ascension Seton Hays ER nurse. Janice used a defibrillator and CPR to bring him back to life, and Wally was transported to UMC Brackenridge where Ascension Seton cardiologist Dr. Matthew Rogers implanted a stent in his heart and brought him back to health.

In a touching story featured in segments by KXANTWC News, KEYE and KTBC-FOX, Wally recently returned to UMC Brackenridge to thank the team that saved his life.

Wally was very fortunate – of the 360,000 Americans who suffer cardiac arrest outside a hospital each year, only about 10% survive. “I’m very thankful to [Janice] for her quick reaction and having the knowledge to see what’s going on,” says Wally. He plans to purchase defibrillators for his home and office, not just for him but for anyone who’s life may be saved like his was.