How a Heart Health Profiler Can Help Detect Cardiovascular Disease


164105342Cardiovascular disease is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans, many of whom don’t even realize they have a problem. Certain cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease are known as “silent killers,” as they often show no symptoms (or very subtle ones) before the damage is done.

Proper monitoring of the health of your body and heart is a huge step in preventing diseases that together comprise the leading cause of death for men and women alike.

Heart Profiling

The idea of monitoring your heart health is great, but how can you do it? It’s not like your heart has a gauge on it that indicates your cardiovascular disease risk over your lifespan. Well, with the advent of new medical technology and online tools, you can now take steps to measure your heart disease risk.

Ascension Seton offers Heart Healthy CT Scans at six convenient locations serving Austin and Central Texas. This simple, painless test provides a score that can be used to determine your likelihood of suffering a heart attack. It’s recommended for men age 40 and women age 45 with at least one of these risk factors: blood pressure greater than 140/90, cholesterol level greater than 160/LDL, diabetes, obesity, tobacco use, or a family history of heart disease.

Because heart disease can sneak up on you without any obvious symptoms, having a method of tracking your risk factors can be a huge step in maximizing your heart health before problems occur.