Heart Attacks Twice as Deadly in Women in Recent Study


A new presentation delivered at the Acute Cardiac Care Congress shows that heart attacks remain more deadly for women than men. The research group showed that there was a higher rate for intra-hospital death from acute heart attacks in women versus men (9% vs 4.4%). This difference was seen on an international level. Women around the world are dying from acute heart attacks at higher rates than men.

Why is there still such a big difference in death rates@f0 The research group has some ideas:

  1. Women had longer delay between onset of symptoms and calling for medical assistance
  2. Women had longer delay between presentation to the hospital and coronary interventions (treatments)
  3. Women were less likely to receive recommended treatments upon discharge from the hospital

These points were found on the same research project. These are the same points we have been talking about for many years.

How can we close this gap@f1 It up to all of us:

  1. We need to continue to spread the word that heart disease IS a woman’s disease. We need to continue to improve community awareness. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.
  2. We need to continue to educate physicians that heart disease IS a woman’s disease.
  3. We need to continue studying the biological differences between heart disease in women and men. It may be that some treatments were not prescribed upon hospital discharge because they were not appropriate. We need to find treatments that women tolerate and that will prevent more disease. We need to find new ways of diagnosing heart disease that may be unique to women. There is still a lot to learn about heart disease in women.