Ascension Seton Heart Institute collaborates with Gynecologists – making headlines


We at Ascension Seton Heart Institute have been privileged to be part of a recent project that engenders collaboration between cardiologists and gynecologists. Ascension Seton Heart is the only group in Central Texas working on this project. Along with 10 other sites across the country, we have been working with gynecologists to use a screening survey among women over the age of 40 to determine how many women have risk factors for coronary heart disease. The preliminary results were reported at the Society for Angiography and Coronary Intervention (SCAI) Meeting this past week with an article found in Medpage Today.

This collaboration is very exciting because so many women depend on their gynecologists for primary care. We hope to improve awareness about heart disease in women and the associated risk factors. By working with gynecologists, we can start screening earlier and prevent death and disability from heart disease in women. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and it kills more women than men. Unfortunately, as we improve the overall death rates from heart disease, women in the 34-44 year age group have an increasing rate of heart disease in recent studies.

This study is also important because it is a stepping stone to more research about heart disease and women. We still have a lot to learn about diagnosis and treatment of women. In the mean time, we will continue the efforts to reach more women and hope that everyone Knows Her Numbers.