HAPPY Holidays?


The stress of holiday prep can be overwhelming. For most women, it means continuing all regularly-scheduled activities PLUS shopping, shipping, preparing for guests or packing. It is easy to lose sight of why we celebrate and come together. It is also easy to forget to take time for yourself. Who can go for a walk when there are stockings that need to be stuffed?

Unfortunately, the high levels of stress (and therefore adrenaline and cortisol in your system) increase your risk of heart attack. With the addition of holiday treats and cold weather, the risk for heart attack is much higher this time of year.

Rather than feeling guilty about not eating well or stressing about when to fit exercise into your schedule, just take a few minutes to relax. Walk, take a long bath, window shop without a list, go look at the lights at that cool house in Clarksville (right around the corner from the restaurant Jeffrey’s). Austin is full of fun diversions to keep you heart healthy!

Then, we’ll talk about getting back on the eating well and exercise wagon for the New Year!