Giving Thanks for Family


Here comes the turkey! Hooray for the holidays! Of course, we all look forward to the feast, but it’s also a great time to talk about your whole family. Not as in the, “Did you hear what she did?” type of talk. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to talk about Family History. Talk to the older AND the younger members of your family about their health conditions. Talk to everyone about their NUMBERS. Does everyone Know Their Numbers@f0 If not, how can you help@f1 It is important that the younger members of the family know what they are up against and know how to prevent heart disease early on. It is never too early to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The older family members may be relieved to hear that they are not alone in dealing with certain conditions.

So, while you’re sampling the cranberry (and passing on the stuffing), ask Mom and your niece whether they know their numbers.