Mexican Food with Heart Health in Mind


There is not really a way to eat out regularly and be heart healthy. Restaurants use lots of salt. Salt makes things taste good, but it also raises blood pressure and makes you retain water. You cannot control your calories well when eating out – they are everywhere!

Living in Austin requires at least the occasional Mexican food night out. You can join the fun without totally falling off the wagon. Here are some tips when you go:

  • Choose corn tortillas, and order tacos rather than enchiladas
  • Avoid dishes with sauce, especially queso or cream-based dishes
  • Avoid burritos and anything fried (e.g., chile relleno, chimichanga)
  • Take 1/2 the plate to-go, or share with someone
  • Eat a piece of fruit before you go to the restaurant so you are not starving
  • Do not eat the queso
  • Chew a piece of gum rather than eating the chips – they contain lots of empty calories and fat that you can avoid

Limit eating out for Mexican food to no more than 2 times a month

For another tip regarding Mexican food, see this article on Healthy Tamales: