A Favorite Walk


Austin provides countless opportunities for exercise that are actually enjoyable to most. If you have not tried walking around Town Lake recently, you should. There are several routes of different lengths. I think it’s easiest to start at the MoPac bridge. You can actually park on the south side of the river (exit 2244 off of MoPac and take Barton Springs Road to Stratford Drive which takes you to a huge parking lot). You can always find a spot – and it’s usually shaded.

Walk the loop to the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge which is less than 3 miles. If you’re not up to 3 miles, you can walk 5-10 minutes out and back. There is water along the way. Most of the path has shade. Best of all, this track is pretty much flat.

It’s a fun path to Heart Health right in your backyard – Austin style!