PPOs and HRAs

HRAs: Tax-Advantaged Health Accounts for PPO Plans

SmartHealth’s PPO plans include a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) account that you can use for medical, prescription drug, dental or vision expenses. An HRA is funded by employer contributions only. If you participate in the SmartHealth wellness program, your wellness rewards will be deposited into an HRA account. Benefit-eligible associates may choose to contribute to the Health Care Flexible Spending Account.

You may choose to take advantage of both health accounts. If you elect to contribute to the Health Care FSA, the funds in your FSA will be used to pay expenses before your HRA funds are used. Since all your unused HRA money carries over from year to year, using your FSA funds to pay for your expenses first minimizes your risk of losing your unused contributions.

Available with
SmartHealth plans

Who owns the account AscensionAscension
Who contributes to the account AssociateAscension
Limits $2,550N/A
Wellness reward N/A$400
When is the money available ImmediatelyAs earned
Carry-over limits Limit of $500 annual carry-over of unused fundsNo limit on carry-over of unused funds
Portable (available after termination of employment) Yes, if you elect COBRA continuationYes, if you elect COBRA continuation
Interest bearing NoNo