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SmartHealth is the medical plan offered to our Ascension Seton and Ascension associates and their eligible dependents. The path to a healthy, balanced life can be hard to find for many of us that’s why SmartHealth provides comprehensive medical coverage including free medical screenings. Learn more here.

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Ascension Seton also offers discounts and access to several programs that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Learn more here.

Seton Health Plan makes it easier than ever to get the preventative services you need to maintain your overall health. The services listed will be covered at 100 percent as part of preventative care, which means no copayments, coinsurance or deductibles when these preventative services are performed by providers in the Seton Health Plan network. Please note that you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for these services unless you get them as part of a visit to diagnose, monitor or treat an illness or injury. Learn more here.