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SETONCare Plus is a program of the Ascension Seton Community Health Centers: Ascension Seton McCarthy, Ascension Seton Kozmetsky, and Ascension Seton Topfer. The community health centers are an extension of the Mission of Ascension Seton to care for the poor and underserved and serve as the primary care home of patients who enroll in the program.

To be eligible, a person must have a household income under 250 percent of poverty and be ineligible for Medicaid and the local Medical Assistance Program (MAP- a program offered by the county). Citizenship status is not considered. Upon enrollment, participants are assigned a primary care provider (PCP), given an access card to use when seeking medical services, and assessed sliding-fee copayments for various services based on income. Benefits include physician care, inpatient hospital care, lab services, prescription drugs, and (if approved as appropriate) emergency and urgent care. Ascension Seton generally recertifies eligibility every twelve months; however, the program does recertify at six months for a small number of people expected to become eligible for public programs.

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This document provides general information regarding your prescription benefits and includes a formulary of prescription medications.
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Ascension Seton Health Plan Member Services
PO Box 14545
Austin, Texas 78761

512-421-5667 or Toll-Free 866-272-2507
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Ascension Seton Health Plan recently changed to an automated telephone system at its 324-3350 number. As part of that change, callers will not be able to access the receptionist between noon and 1 p.m.

You can still reach member services by calling 512-421-5667 or toll-free 866-272-2507.

The automated system allows you to dial an individual’s extension directly, or, if you do not know the extension, you can access the employee directory and the system will transfer you to that individual.