MAP helps people get the healthcare they need. Anyone who has a MAP card can go to a clinic, get medicine, and get emergency care. In order to receive MAP services, a MAP member must only see MAP providers.

Every person in the family who is eligible for MAP will get a MAP identification card. MAP is a not health insurance plan and will not meet the shared responsibility individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

You do not need pre-approval for the following services:

  • Primary and preventive care (Primary Care Provider, PCP)
  • Specialty doctors and Urgent Care
  • Prescriptions and disposable supplies that you get at the pharmacy
  • Emergency care – call 911 for life threatening emergencies
  • Transportation Services – local emergency ambulance transportation only
  • General dental services include preventive care, x-ray, exam, filling and tooth removal

You will need pre-approval before you receive some services. If you already have an appointment scheduled to see a specialist (or need testing) please check with your Primary Care Provider (PCP).