Lymphedema Education and Treatment

Lymphedema is a side effect that can begin during or after breast cancer treatment. It isn’t life threatening, but it can last over a long period of time. This condition involves swelling of the soft tissues of the arm or hand. The swelling may be accompanied by numbness, discomfort, and sometimes infection. Treatment routinely includes skin care, manual lymph drainage, compression garments and exercise. Treatment has a significant impact on the women’s quality of life reducing edema and in many cases relieving it completely.

You may self refer to one of our in-network providers for an evaluation and treatment that will best meet your needs.

Physicians Specializing in Lymphedema Treatment

Cecilia Cervantes, MD
1215 Red River Suite 328
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-479-3770

Gary Mailman, MD
919 East 32nd St.
Austin, TX 78705

Lymphedema Treatment Supply Providers

P&H Services
1509 Old West 38th St.
Suite #2
Austin, TX 78731

P&H Services
11901 West Parmer Ln.
Suite #200 & 210
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Petticoat Fair
7739 Northcross Dr.
Suite #M
Austin, TX 78757