Emergency Room or Urgent Care?

You should ALWAYS go to the emergency room or call 911 if your life or health is in immediate danger. Examples may include chest pain, trouble breathing or heavy bleeding. But if you are suddenly injured or become ill after your doctor’s office closes, and your condition is NOT life-threatening, you have an option that is quicker and doesn’t come with a big price tag. You can contact one of the many urgent care centers located in the Greater Austin metro area. You can reduce your wait in the Emergency Room by choosing a scheduled arrival time at SetonER.com.

Healthcare Where You Need It

View our Healthcare When I Need It Now page to learn more about the different options of where you can get healthcare and the pros and cons of each choice.

There are a few great reasons to try urgent care:

  • Easy Access: With over 25 urgent care centers located in the Greater Austin metro area, you are likely to find one close to your home.  And almost all of them have convenient hours, just like the ER.
  • Less Waiting: The average ER visit tops four hours, while urgent care visits are generally an hour or less.(Urgent Care Association of America, July 2013) But If you need more extensive care, the folks at the urgent care center may refer you to the closest ER.
  • Lower Costs: Your co-pay and out-of-pocket costs at an urgent care center are much less than what you are charged at the emergency room—almost five times less.  (Based upon average retail and ER pricing from Aetna’s average claim costs.)
  • Plenty of Services: Most urgent care centers can treat: bone fractures; sports injuries; cuts and minor scrapes; allergies; sinus infections; flu; gastritis; burns and rashes; vaccinations; bronchitis and much more.