Navigating the Healthcare System

Our Care Coordinators Ensure the Right Care at the Right Time

Sometimes finding good healthcare can feel like a scavenger hunt. Sometimes it can seem as if good medical care is less about the care itself and more about navigating the whole healthcare system. This is why Seton Health Alliance provides, at no cost, a care coordination team that does the navigating for the patient.

Our care coordination team works one-on-one with patients to reach the ultimate goal of good health. These clinical professionals and social workers put the patient first and act as their advocate, insuring the patient’s voice is heard and that the patient has access to the care and education they need to stay healthy.

To reach these goals, our care coordination team

  • Educates patients about their health and helps them understand their role staying healthy or following instructions from care providers
  • Reminds patients about appointments and  needed preventative care
  • Follows up with patients after appointments, lab tests and new diagnoses to ensure they understand what they mean and what they need to do to stay healthy
  • Helps patients solve problems that affect their ability to receive care, such as transportation difficulties and child care
  • Provides education, care coordination and other services that allow patients to manage chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, cancer and heart disease
  • Assists patients in finding primary care physicians and specialists who are best suited to meet the patient’s needs
  • Advises patients on how to make the most of their relationship with care providers
  • Visits with patients while they are in the hospital and after they are released, ensuring any questions are answered and the right follow-up care is provided
  • Connects patients with community resources when they need help with problems that don’t directly concern healthcare, such as veterans services, financial assistance, and help providing clothing, food or shelter