Ready to enjoy practicing medicine again? If you are interested in becoming a participating provider with Seton Health Alliance or Dell Children’s Health Alliance, send a message to our Physician Engagment mailbox:

Traditional healthcare follows the fee-for-service model, so patients are charged for services they might not need. This puts pressure on you to see more patients in a shorter amount of time, which in turn lowers the quality of care each patient receives. The associated increase in administrative duties also limits how much time you can actually spend practicing medicine. Seton Health Alliance practices accountable care, which prioritizes the quality of care over the number of services rendered, allowing you to return to your passion: treating patients.

Not only does this system lower healthcare costs and result in better patient care, but you can see additional benefits as well:

  • Healthcare provider members are connected to each other and the Alliance with our tools, administrative support and training
  • Additional provider resources are provided to help with technical aspects of care, such as access to a Health Information Exchange (HIE), care gap reporting, and new innovations in care delivery
  • Value-based incentives put the focus back on high-quality healthcare, reigniting the passion and integrity of hands-on medical practice
  • Care Coordinators address the needs of your patients with chronic and/or multiple conditions, ensuring better outcomes for these patients

Perhaps most importantly, we are governed and led by physicians who have personal knowledge of the challenges facing independent healthcare providers today. With the large-scale support of a network of local practitioners, our member providers can offer the highest quality of patient care.