Although many benefits of working with an accountable care organization (ACO) seem focused on providers and patients, employers and insurance brokers see clear advantages as well. Seton Health Alliance offers integrated healthcare in a way that improves patient care and lowers costs.

The SHA Difference

We use physician-led management that focuses on provider accountability, and the result is healthcare that is more organized. Communication is improved, not just between doctor and patient, but among different healthcare providers. Through a network of large-scale collaboration, patients receive all the benefits of the highest quality of patient care, guidance and education without high dollar premiums. Meanwhile, providers can refocus members on the value of wellness for improved member satisfaction and better benefits all around.

Provider Support

We support the use of the latest technology like electronic medical records (EMRs) and Health Information Exchanges. This lets doctors work together more easily to coordinate patient care.

Staying Healthy

Our care management team lets patients know whether they need follow-up appointments or other wellness care. We also promote wellness and prevention activities and resources. Keeping patients healthy helps lower care costs while maintaining a focus on patient education.

Ascension Seton Speaks “Patient”

At Ascension Seton, we don’t treat patients, we care for people. That’s why we make access to healthcare simpler for patients. Our care team members are trained to use clear, straightforward language, not medical jargon. Our providers are encouraged to involve each patient in decisions involving his or her unique healthcare plan, empowering members to take control of their wellness.

Information Is Powerful

Our providers are connected through an integrated network. This allows data about patient outcomes and physician performance to be collected, evaluated and acted upon across any number of care providers. Our integrated system allows member providers to use an evidence-based care approach in their practices.

Building Bridges

We help patients and families handle changes in their care, and better navigate the healthcare system. With a strong emphasis on an outstanding patient experience, we support effective healthcare without a spike in costs.