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Melissa Smith, MD

Melissa Smith, MD

Melissa Smith, MD

  • Specialty

    Family Medicine
  • Group

    Seton McCarthy Clinic

Dr. Melissa Smith grew up in Seattle, Washington.  She graduated with honors from Harvard University, and went to medical school at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she also completed a residency in family medicine. Dr Smith has practiced in migrant worker clinics in California, with the Seton Community Health Centers in Austin, as well as in rural clinics in Central America.  She is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Physicians for Human Rights,  Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the Travis County Medical Society.

Dr.  Smith has been involved in global health work for over two decades, training community health workers and midwives, and providing medical care in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico. She has also helped develop health manuals for community health workers and midwives that are widely used in the developing world.

In Austin, Dr. Smith has served in the past as medical director for the Seton Community Health Centers, chair of the physician advisory board of the Integrated Care Collaboration, and co-chair of the East Austin Community Health Promoters Project. As an adjunct faculty at the University of Texas, she has co-taught a graduate seminar on health disparities.

The University of Washington School of Medicine gave Dr. Smith the Alumni Humanitarian Award in 2012.