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Jason Reichenberg, MD

Jason Reichenberg, MD

Jason Reichenberg, MD

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    UT Austin Dell Medical School Residency Program

Jason S. Reichenberg, MD, is the Clinical Director of Dermatology for UT Physicians. He has published papers and performed research relating to drug-induced skin reactions, eczema, lupus, blistering disorders, vascular disease and skin-based signs of internal disease. He performs NIH-sponsored research on the early diagnosis of skin cancer, and helps direct resident and medical student education in Dermatology for the University of Texas. He has a passion for working with children and adults.

Dr. Reichenberg was born in New York, and graduated from Boston University School of Medicine. He completed his medical internship and his residency in dermatology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. In 2005, he was asked to be the American representative at the Irish Academy of Dermatology meeting in Cork, Ireland, and in 2007, he presented his work to the World Congress of Dermatology in Argentina. He has been invited to speak at conferences throughout Texas and the country, and has volunteered at a camp for children with severe skin conditions.

Dr. Reichenberg and his wife enjoy hiking, biking, and spending time with their children.