Electronic Medical Records

Setting New Standards for Patient Safety in Central Texas

logo_infotechAs much as the healthcare industry has embraced medical technology to diagnose and treat patients, it has traditionally lagged in its application of integrated information systems to improve workflow of the healthcare delivery process itself.

Joining the ranks of other leading healthcare systems, the Seton Family of Hospitals is deploying electronic medical records to improve patient care, reduce preventable errors, and optimize workflow efficiency.

COMPASS, which stands for Care, Opportunity, Mission, Promise, Access, Safety and Standardization is Seton’s electronic medical records system. The scalable system is being rolled out in phases across the Network.

How It Works

Once fully implemented, COMPASS will virtually replace the cumbersome paper-based system of managing patient care in Seton hospitals—from the time of admissions to discharge. Existing paperwork will be scanned and become part of the patient’s permanent electronic medical record, which can be accessed remotely and securely anytime, anywhere by authorized personnel via the Citrix system.

Instead of scribbling orders onto a paper chart, physicians will enter patient-care instructions, such as requests for lab tests, consultations with other physicians or changes to medication dosages, directly into COMPASS. The information only needs to be entered one time, reducing duplicate—and potentially conflicting paperwork. In addition, paperless chart review enables several physicians to review the same chart—at the same time, regardless of physical location.

In addition to providing real-time access to a person’s complete health records (including medical history, treatments, lab results and drug allergies), COMPASS provides patient safety alerts and is linked with an online medical reference library for easy research. Another time-saving benefit of COMPASS is the Enterprise Scheduling Management (ESM) feature that allows hospital personnel to schedule follow-up appointments at various Seton clinics and outpatient facilities.